Head movements

Learn and understand the basics of head movement and how to integrate it into any dance

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Course Created by Pedrinho & Linda English
What will i learn?
  • Understanding the difference between passive and active head movement
  • Understanding the basics of passive head movements
  • Understanding of head movement variations and how to create them

Curriculum for this course
4 Lessons
Head movements
4 Lessons
  • Intro
  • Head movement activation
  • Head movements part 1
  • Head movements part 2


Esta Masterclass está destinada a aprender la conciencia corporal y técnicas sobre los movimientos de cabeza. Está abierta para todos los bailarines que quieran mejorar su conocimiento sobre el baile y su rencimiento.

En este curos:

    1. Aprenderás cómo usar de forma activa el impulso creado por su movimiento de cabeza y cómo terminar con un "head flick" hacia un "side body roll".

    2. Aprenderás y entenderás el concepto básico y la estructura de cómo crear movimientos de cabeza pasivos seguros y controlados. 

Descubre y comprende los puntos de relajación y los mejores momentos para las transiciones mientras ejecutas movimientos de cabeza.


This Masterclass is developed to understand body awareness and techniques about head movements. It is open to all the dancers who want to improve their dance knowledge and performance.

You will:

  1. Learn when to actively use the momentum created by your head movement and how to finish with a head flick into a side body roll
  2. Learn and understand the basic concept and structure of how to create safe and controlled passive head movements
  3. Learn and understand about the points of relaxation and the best moments for transitions while executing head movements.
About the instructor
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Pedrinho Mattos: Pedrinho comes from Brazil and started to dance when he was only 10 years old. In 2005, he enrolled into a course for professional dancers in Rio de Janeiro at the Jaime Aroxa Dance School. The course was completed after 5 years and encompassed all the Brazilian Ballroom dances (Bolero, Samba, Tango, Forro, Brazilian Zouk, Rock Soltinho, and Samba de Gafieira). The course concentrated on musicality, body awareness, teaching, running classes and performing. In 2009, Pedrinho entered a dance competition in Dance Festival in Rio de Janeiro and took second place, dancing Brazilian Zouk. In 2010, Pedrinho moved on to work for a Renato Veronezi Dance Company in São Paulo as a teacher, choreographer and performer. During 2012‐2014, Pedrinho travelled around Europe teaching workshops and performing at many Brazilian Zouk and Samba de Gafieira congresses. In 2013, Pedrinho, on his travels met his, now wife Linda Urgosova and they started to dance together, traveling, teaching and performing around the world. Linda Mattos: Linda comes from Slovakia. She had started gymnastics when she was only 3 years old and continued to pursue this carrier until she was 12 years old. After a few years break, she had started to dance Ballroom and Latin dances in Slovakia. She competed in category D for 4 years. She had moved to London, United Kingdom in 2005 where she continued with Ballroom and Lain Dances until 2007. At the same time, she discovered Lambada and started to train and dance at London venues. Trained with some incredible Lambada teachers like those that Berg & Solange Dias and Braz do Santos. Together: In 2013, they started to dance Brazilian Zouk together. Teaching in London, around UK and travelling around the world (Europe; North & South America). In 2017, Pedrinho and Linda had founded and opened a dance school in London, United Kingdom, called UK Dance Connexion (UKDC). This has been a dream for Pedrinho since he was a young boy. This opportunity opened way to get their knowledge, teaching skills and love for dance across to many more students and people who wanted to learn how to dance. The dance school has been a great way in bringing many different people together and forming a safe dance community. Now, the dance school welcome around 150 students through the door every week. In the same year (2017), their beautiful baby girl Mia was born. In 2019, Pedrinho, successfully opened a company called UKDC Events (focusing on events and entertainment) and became a UK based director. They have organised many different events over the past 3 years, most successful was a recent online event called The Zouk Lounge where they managed to bring the Brazilian Zouk community together with over 400 people worldwide.
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